In real life Julianna Margulies sports an enviable mane of black curly hair but on “The Good Wife,” she has smooth brown locks. Turns out that the 47-year-old actress wears a wig on set.

“The main reason, honestly, was because I wanted her to have a little bit of that WASP-y look to her,” Margulies confessed to E! Online, “and I’m a Jew with curly hair.”

Time played  a huge factor into donning the hair piece. Getting her hair straightened every morning would have added another two hours to the makeup chair. Time she could have been spending with her husband, Keith Lieberthal, and their young son, Kieran.

Also her cascade of curls is synonymous with the character Carol Hathway from “ER” and another short-lived TV drama “Canterbury’s Law.”

Apparently the wig is so successful that Margulies has become a sort of CBS spokeswoman for wigs. Execs regularly have her chat to other actors about the many benefits of wearing a rug.