“I say whatever I want on my Twitter. I speak with you guys like I do with my friends at home on the street and I’m not going to change that.”

This is how Colombian rock star, Juanes, defends his Twitter account, after jokingly posting Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s alleged BlackBerry Messenger Pin numbers “H1J0D3PU7A”--spelling out the common Spanish saying “Son of a Whore.”

More than any other Latino artist, Juanes knows how sweet the fruits of interacting with fans through Twitter can be. The singer/songwriter, who appears on this week’s cover of Billboard magazine, has 1.8 million followers and the numbers keep growing.

Via his Twiiter account, Juanes succeded in getting hundreds of fans to send in images. These were collectively used to create a montage graphic of himself, which the star features on the cover of his latest album “P.A.R.C.E.”

“We had over 50,000 images from 93 different countries,” said Universal Music Entertainment Director of Product Development Horacio Rodríguez to Billboard magazine.

For a Latino artist whose main target has been the Spanish-speaking market, Juanes has an impressive following on Twitter.

This has led to a significant spike in album and tour sales, as well as multiple campaigns with big sponsors like AT&T, who is sponsoring Juanes in a special filmed album release party in New York City’s Irving Plaza.

“We’ve sold 25 percent more than we did when we put the last tour on sale,” said promoter Lazaro Megret.

Universal Music Latino General Manager Luis Estrada adds: “It’s hard to think of any other Latin act that’s had so many simultaneous campaigns running.”

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