Jeremy Renner mocks JLo on stage at the Golden Globes

In front of the entire Golden Globes audience, Jeremy Renner made quick quip about his co-presenter Jennifer Lopez.

In what seemed to be an unscripted moment, the two debated who should open the envelope to announce the winner in the Best Actor in a Mini Series category.

Renner indicated JLo should pry the envelope open and she agreed, adding, “I’ve got the nails.”

He quickly chimed in: "You've got the globes, too," referring to Lopez’ chest, which was on full display Sunday night.

The singer-turned-actress was wearing her signature super low cut style to the Globes in a tight sparkly gown with a deep V-neck.

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Lopez looked irked by Renner’s remark and the two left the stage quickly as winner Billy Bob Thornton came on to accept the award.

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