Jenn Sterger starts trouble with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ahead of Super Bowl

Jenn Sterger — the former Jets reporter who blew the whistle on NFL pro Brett Favre after he allegedly sent her sexts and racy pics — has stirred up further bad blood with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before the Super Bowl.

Sterger had an awkward brush with Goodell Wednesday at Greek seafood restaurant Milos while the NFL bigwig dined with just-retired Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, according to the New York Post.

“It was an awkward situation,” a source told the Post. “Roger was eating dinner with Tony, and Sterger was a few tables away.” When Goodell got up to pick out his fish from the restaurant’s distinctive display on ice, “It looked like he saw a ghost. He walked past Jenn. It looked like they said hello, but then he walked back to his seat face down and looking totally uncomfortable.”

Stirring the pot, Sterger tweeted from her table: “Now for a poll from the audience: do I send Goodell a drink . . . two tables over? If so . . . What kind??? #awkward.”

Sterger and Goodell reportedly had a dramatic, secret meeting when he was investigating the allegations against Favre in 2010.

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