Hilaria Baldwin's Bendy Football Photo, Steve Harvey's T-Mobile Madness, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening, people:

• Yoga aficionado Hilaria Baldwin shared a bendy Instagram snapshot ahead of the Super Bowl, in which she's seen holding a football while resting her right leg behind her head. Miraculously, though, she somehow missed the opportunity to make a joke about her "tight end" in the caption.

• Speaking of yoga, we recently paid a visit to Bikram Yoga NYC to learn four of the stretchiest, bendiest, most spine-twistingest positions they could teach us. Watch the clip below to learn the Triangle and Camel poses, among other sweaty yoga positions that Hilaria Baldwin would consider child's play:

• Late last week, Netflix announced that they've renewed "Orange is the New Black" for another three seasons, which should give the showrunners plenty of time to delve into Litchfield Penitentiary's diverse, interesting cast of characters whilst still completely ignoring Larry.

• In case you missed it, Coldplay and their inoffensive piano-rock anthems about love and togetherness took center stage at Sunday night's Super Bowl half-time show. Or at least they tried to take center stage for about five minutes, until they were brutally overshadowed by Bruno Mars' and Beyonce's sweet dance moves:

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Channing Tatum (who always finds a way to dance in his movies) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who always finds a way to sing in his) are teaming up for an R-rated musical comedy film that both of them will likely be smirking through out of sheer self-satisfaction.

• "True Detective" actor Woody Harrelson has reportedly applied for a license to open a marijuana dispensary in his home state of Hawaii. If granted permission, Harrelson is one step closer to fulfilling his lifelong dream of ensuring that — in about a hundred years or so — our great-grandchildren will associate the Harrelson name with only the dankest of weeds.

• Steve Harvey mocked his recent gaffe at the Miss Universe pageant during a T-Mobile commercial that aired during Sunday night's game, in which he "apologizes" for Verizon's misleading claims about T-Mobile's coverage (below). So it's nice to see he's not profiting from the public humiliation of two innocent pageant contestants!

• According to a source for E! News, Katy Perry accompanied Orlando Bloom and his son Exton to a birthday party for Robert Downey Jr.'s son, which would seem to suggest that Perry and Bloom are definitely an item. The same source also revealed that Bloom brought his dog to the party, which would also seem to suggest that Bloom is that kind of party guest.