'Grimm' star Claire Coffee: New episodes are 'bonkers'

'Grimm' star Claire Coffee is featured in a new photo shoot on the style site Me In My Place, which visits young stars in their actual houses and apartments.

Coffee, 32, shows off her New York City apartment in the shoot, but talks more about Portland, Oregon, where 'Grimm' is filmed.

"'Portlandia' is starting to seem more like a documentary than a comedy," she said of the popular IFC series. "Except for the mice, I have yet to see a talking mouse or rat."

"Although I prefer New York to Lost Angeles, shooting in Portland is pretty fantastic! They have all these Craftsman, storybook homes," she added.

Coffee also said she's looking forward to new episodes of 'Grimm' hitting the airwaves. (Episodes of the hit sci-fi drama air on ABC on Friday.)

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"It really does appeal to a broad spectrum of people, for different reasons. A lot of people watch it as a family, the teens and young adults are into the sci-fi and fantasy elements, and I think the older viewers really enjoy how dark it gets," she said.

"We were worried when we went on hiatus, but the Friday we came back we didn’t lose any viewers—I think the numbers increased," she said. "We came back really early, so we could air all ten new episodes before the two part finale. And let me tell you I have read the script for the first part and it IS BONKERS!"

Coffee said her profession -- and her part in 'Grimm' -- keeps her in great shape.

"There’s pressure as there is with any job, and I look at exercise as part of my job description. I’m not going to train like an Olympian, but yes, it comes with the territory. Then the wardrobe of an evil seductress, tends to be tight."

Bonus images of Claire Coffee are available on the MIMP Mobile App.