‘Gotham’ embraces dark side in Season 2 with rise of Batman villains

All hell is about to break loose in “Gotham.” The villains are rising and the good guys – well, they are few and far in between.

No one is safe, and fans can expect a heck of a ride.

“We are turning everything upside down and shaking it up,” actor J.W. Cortes told Fox News Latino recently. “It’s total anarchy, total chaos.”

The Puerto Rican actor, who plays Detective Alvarez, said the show’s sophomore season is giving fans everything they hoped Season 1 would be – with more of the traditional villains from the Batman comics being brought to life, instead of the police procedural that dominated the show during its freshman season.

“We are showing that Gotham City is tumultuous,” Cortes said. “(Fans) are going to ask themselves ‘Did that just happened?’ many times. Which is great, great storytelling.”

For the show’s leading man, actor Ben McKenzie, the new season is what he has been yearning for since the beginning.

“This was the plan all along. We got side tracked with the procedural element that I think we should have never have pursued – we had to introduce a villain every episode, have them commit a crime, have Jim find them, have him confront them, have them sent to Arkham (or) whatever,” he told FNL recently. “It didn’t allow, literally, for any screen time to really go through a more complex journey.”

But now they can focus on Gotham City’s descent into madness, and McKenzie’s Jim Gordon’s rise to the top of the police food chain with his moral compass going a bit haywire.

“Season 1 to Season 2 is like – remember the really big, old Macintosh computer? It’s like that versus what you are carrying now in your pocket with your iPhone or whatever. We just tried to make everything better,” McKenzie added. “It’s a blast to play. It’s what I always thought and hoped the show would be, and now it is.”

The second season of the hit Fox show has been subtitled, “The Rise of the Villains.” The bad guys (and gals) made famous in the comic books had to start somewhere, and this season will see their rise to power.

Among them is Barbara Kean (Erin Richards), the ex-fiance of Jim Gordon who has landed herself in Arkham Asylum after her attack on Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) in last season’s finale. She teams up with Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), the guy who is believed to be the future Joker.

“It’s amazing,” Richards told FNL about having her character essentially do a 180 between seasons. “It’s so great for me as an actor to show that kind of range, and then for the show, to have a character that can do that shows how amazing this world is and how exciting it is and who knows what will happen in the future. If Barbara can turn from precious fiancé to murdering killer in 22 episodes, imagine what can happen in like six years.”

Richards added that surprises will be turning up left and right in the new season. “A lot of death," she said. "So much death.”

“[Fans] better get ready for a crazy ride,” she said. “Last season was like the little tea cup ride at the fair. This season is like the huge rollercoaster at Six Flags.”

“Gotham: The Rise of the Villains” premieres Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. It lead into FOX’s new show, “Minority Report,” starring actor Wilmer Valderrama.

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