FNM Exclusive: What Lynda Carter Thinks of the Upcoming 'Wonder Woman' Movie

After numerous attempts to bring Wonder Woman to the big-screen, the Amazing Amazon is finally getting her very own film adaptation in 2017.

But what does Lynda Carter — the Wonder Woman to which all other Wonder Women will be measured — think about the project?

She gives her blessing, of course! (Wonder Women have to stick together, after all.)

"I haven't seen the movie, but I really do hope it is a blockbuster hit," says Carter of the upcoming Warner Bros. film, which stars "Batman v. Superman" actress Gal Gadot as the Princess of the Amazons. "I want it to move to the next generation of women, and inspire the next generation of women," she adds.

Carter also tells FNM she still gets recognized as Wonder Woman after all these years, even without the Bracelets of Submission or Lasso of Truth.

"There is some visceral identity that people have with the character that I played, because they went in their backyards and they pretended to be her," says Carter. "We share that goddess within, maybe, and I enjoy hearing those stories. So I don't really tire of it."

Watch the clip above for more from Carter's "Wonder Woman" days, then stay tuned to find out where she keeps the iconic costume.