FNM Exclusive: Kane Brown Tells Us the Strangest Thing a Fan Has Ever Asked Him — And It's REALLY Strange

Kane Brown loves his fans. They love him back too, but sometimes a little too much.

Brown, who first caught the industry's attention with his country covers on YouTube, is really striking a chord with listeners and live audiences. With his deep, soulful voice and penchant for sing-songy hooks, it's no wonder Brown's last single from his new EP has gone gold.

"I got the plaque last night, so it was an awesome feeling," Brown tells Fox News Magazine about "Used to Love You Sober," which is also his favorite track to perform live. "Everybody yells it back, so I always get the phone out and record everybody singing. It's just fun."

Judging by the audience's reaction in the music video for "Used to Love You Sober" (below), Brown can look forward to more of those same warm welcomes on his current tour with Florida Georgia Line, as well as his headlining gig on the "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" tour this coming November.

Heck, fans are probably already memorizing the lyrics to "Thunder in the Rain" at this very moment.

"It's a relationship song, and it's just talking about two unstoppable forces being in love with each other," Brown tells FNM of "Thunder in the Rain," the first single off his upcoming debut album. "I feel like you can roll your windows down and listen to it while you're going down the road and just jam out."

In other words, it's more of the soulful, sing-along sound his fans have been asking for. But just to be clear, Brown doesn't always oblige the requests he gets from fans — and especially not the strange ones he sees in his Facebook messages.

"I got asked to make a sex tape," laughs Brown. "I'd say that was probably my weirdest one."

Check out the rest of our exclusive interview with Brown (above) for much more, including the cute story of how he and his mother mimicked the singers and judges on "American Idol" when he was a little boy.