FNM Exclusive: Don Ho's Daughter Kea Ho Is All Grown Up and Breaking Into Modeling and Movies

Kea Ho is breaking into the modeling and film industries in a big way. But if she looks familiar, it's might be because you remember her singing "Tiny Bubbles" alongside her father in front of a packed crowd.

"Yeah, well, my dad was a famous Hawaiian singer named Don Ho, and he always had a live show for as far as I can remember," Kea tells Fox News Magazine. "When I was born, me and my siblings, he tried to get us involved as much as possible. So as soon as we could walk, basically, he had us on stage dancing hula and singing little songs."

Kea's interest in the arts has grown considerably since then, to the point that she's now starring in — and producing — feature films, including the recent thriller "Urge" starring Pierce Brosnan and Danny Masterson.

As she tells FNM, she's also got aspirations to follow in the footsteps of fellow actresses/producers Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

"I am a huge fan of their work, mainly because I think the roles they choose to play are very powerful roles for women," says Ho, who especially admires how Jolie and Hayek can play "masculine but feminine role at the same time."

"That's very empowering to me," she adds.

Oh, and did we mention Kea models? Because she also models:

Learn more fascinating facts about Kea in our exclusive interview above, then check out her modeling shots and a few clips from "Urge" below: