FNM Exclusive: Alicia Witt Says Her 'Nashville' Character Is a Different 'Kind of Crazy' Than She's Used To

Alicia Witt admits that she might be a bit crazy — just not the same type of crazy that her "Nashville" character demands.

Witt, whose recent work includes memorable turns on "Justified" and "The Walking Dead," tells FNM that she's having fun with her new role as pop-country diva Autumn Chase, especially when it comes to pulling off Chase's performances, her attitude, and her "crazy."

"Autumn Chase is a bit of a troublemaker, to say the least," Witt explains. "She's been in the business for 20 years … She's got that sort of success that makes it difficult for people to just treat her like a person."

And since Chase is so revered, Witt says it's easy for the character to use her power and influence to take what she wants. "She's definitely got some issues when it comes to dealing with people," says Witt. "So I think on one hand, she's a lot of fun. On another hand, she sees what she wants — if it's a cute little young singer named Gunnar — she goes for it."

"So she's a lot of fun to play," Witt adds.

Being a singer herself, Witt also tells FNM that she jumped at the chance to portray an established country queen.

"If anything, it just feels much more comfortable," she ways. "For example, going into the studio to record the song 'Take Mine,' that I did with Connie Britton, just felt like what I've been doing for the last seven or eight years anyway."

"In another life, I could maybe be making music as my main career and acting on the side," muses Witt before once again adding that she isn't much like her "Nashville" counterpart: "Autumn, as a person, is so very different from me, and has a bit of crazy going on that I don't think I have … Maybe I do?"

"But no, I'm just kidding. I don't — not like that. I have other kinds of crazy."

Watch the clip above for more about Autumn Chase, then catch Witt in new episodes of ABC's "Nashville," airing Wednesday nights at 10/9c.