Fans: Maroon 5's 'Animals' music video violent and 'disturbing'

Fans took to social media to express their outrage over Maroon 5's "disturbing" new music video where Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo are covered in blood and having sex.

The gory video for the band's song "Animals" released Monday stars Levine who plays a butcher who stalks Prinsloo's character, and fantasizes about having sex with her in a meat locker.

Many believed the video was "disturbing" and promoted violence against women.

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    In the video, an unaware Prinsloo is stalked by Levine who secretly photographs her and keeps the pictures hidden away in his meat locker.

    As his obsession grows, Levine eventually confronts Prinsloo at a club and fantasizes about spending the night with her covered in animal blood.

    "Maybe you think that you can hide/ I can smell your scent for miles/ Just like animals," Levine sings in one of the creepier moments in the song.

    You can watch the NSFW music video below.