Fabio: I've 'had a lot of fun' with women but I'm finally ready to settle down

Fabio, the memorable male model with flawless hair, has a new movie out called “Dumbbells” in which he plays a character called… Fabio. The Italian born model spoke to FOX411 about the film, women and of course his fabulous tresses. The 54-year-old is surprisingly funny, charming and completely in on the joke.

FOX411: Have you ever had a woman say no to you?
Fabio: (Laughs) Yeah, the ones with a boyfriend. They say, “I’m flattered but I have a boyfriend. I’ll get back to you later in case.”

FOX411: Are you shocked when that happens?
Fabio: No, no. Listen my life has been very fortunate, very lucky. Most of the girls I made a pass at, they didn’t have a boyfriend (laughs).

FOX411: It’s impossible for someone like you to get married right?
Fabio: You know what? I actually think I found the one. I’m dating someone now.

FOX411: Think you’ll propose?
Fabio: I think so. For a real man there is time that a man needs to have space, his toys and his freedom but you know when a man becomes a real man and finds the right person-- that gets to a man. That happens when they are a little older. That’s why a lot of times when guys get married too young they go through the midlife crisis because they didn’t have much fun when they were younger. I had all the fun in the world.

You get to a point where you look at yourself and you go, “Ok, I had a lot of fun but you know now is the time to have kids, a family.” It sinks in when you become a mature man.

FOX411: What does she do?
Fabio: She’s a model.

FOX411: Naturally.
Fabio: No, let me tell you. I’m the type of person I don’t care because to tell you the truth I had my fun. I had all the models I wanted to have. No, she’s really special. She’s all heart. It’s very hard to find a person who is all heart.

FOX411: So you’re in this new movie “Dumbbells.”
Fabio: Yeah it’s a buddy comedy. It’s a funny movie. My friend wanted to make a movie about his life. He had a lot of calamity in his life, so he decided to make a comedy and not a real life story.

FOX411: You’re talking about Hoyt Richards, the co-writer, who was part of a cult.
Fabio: He was in a cult which believed in aliens. They pretty much took him to the cleaners. He had no money, he was left with nothing. He didn’t have a place to stay and he was a really, really good friend of mine. I used to tell him in the past, “Don’t get involved, they’ll brainwash you.” It was the end of the world, so all the material things wouldn’t count. They were taking every single penny he was making. They really did a job on him.

I said, ”Listen, I got trained by the best. I got trained by the Catholic Church, don’t buy into this.” All the other models would make fun of him. I would say, “No, it’s nothing to make fun of. The guy’s lost. He really believes in these people.” I [tried] many times to talk and put some sense in him. Eventually he realized. The only person he could call was me. He asked if he could stay a few weeks at my place. I said, “No problem.” He ended up staying with me for a year and a half.

FOX411: Wow, you were a good friend!
Fabio: There were a lot of people around him when he was a success and then when everything went down the drain I was the only one there for him. I knew he got burned. I told him, “You can stay at my place. You don’t have to pay for anything.”

FOX411: Do you have a million shampoos and conditioners?
Fabio: No, what I believe is in is taking the right supplements. People don’t understand most of the time shampoos and conditioners damage your hair. Take the composition of your hair; minerals and proteins, so if you have a quality supplement protein, high quality minerals, you’re going to have beautiful hair.

FOX411: I love that you are in on the joke.
Fabio: Always, you know life is too short. A lot of people in Hollywood, celebrities, they take themselves too seriously. I want to say, “Come on guys, loosen up!” Have fun with life. The majority, they’re so neurotic... Just relax. God gave you fame and fortune, enjoy! What is there to be so unfriendly and grumpy [about]?

FOX411: Are you a lapsed Catholic?
Fabio: I believe in God and God is everything in my life. Unfortunately I always saw a lot of hypocrisy growing up. I believe in God and unfortunately when you mix the most spiritual things in the universe with money, many times you get religion.