Execs talk ‘Lethal Weapon 5’ and TV show plans

Fox is bringing to life a new television series based on the “Lethal Weapon” movie franchise this fall, however that doesn't mean all hope is lost for another film.

Executive producer Dan Lin said there could be a possibility for a “Lethal Weapon 5” flick even as the TV show is in production.

“The feature side were very gracious and let us extend the series for television; right now the focus is 100 percent on the television series,” he said.

At the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Dana Walden, Fox Television Group Co-chairman and CEO, told reporters the network knows the TV series has big shoes to fill.

“Reboots are not a guarantee of success and we certainly know that as well as anyone,” she said. “We get the advantage of recognition and the challenge of meeting the original. ‘Lethal Weapon’ had to hurl itself over a very high bar at every level."

And one of the stars of the show Jordana Brewster told FOX411 she hopes there will be no serious comparisons to the movies.

“I loved the original ‘Lethal Weapon’ with Mel Gibson and I love Renne Russo as well so it’s really exciting. I feel like enough time has passed; a lot of people are not that familiar with it so hopefully there won’t be that many comparisons, we will see.”

And another possibility on the horizon for Brewster is her continuation with the “Fast and Furious” franchise. The actress hinted about her involvement with the 8th film.

“Never say never, but I don’t know yet,” she revealed. “I still feel like I am very much a part of the family. I don't know. It’s hard because our fanbase is so amazing and everyone is always asking me. I’m not sure.”

Brewster also dished on the on-and-off-screen chemistry between co-stars Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans.

“They’re doing stuff on the weekend which is crazy given that they work five days a week together,” she said with a laugh. “Their chemistry is really really good; they balance each other really well. Again that’s something where you read the script, you talk to the creators, and then you’re like the rest is in the casting and in that chemistry. I feel like they nailed it on the casting on this one.”

“Lethal Weapon” premieres Sept. 21 on Fox.