Bachata heartthrob Henry Santos likes to live life “Poquito a Poquito.”

The Dominican singer, who is also a member of the popular Bachata boy band Aventura, is taking a small step in what he hopes will be a giant leap in life – launching his solo career at Central Park’s Summerstage on Saturday.

He is opening for Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Wisín y Yandel.

“What I have in that CD is basically my life,” Santos told Fox News Latino in an exclusive interview. “I’m very excited for people to see who I really am, who I’ve always been behind 'Aventura,' and who I am now as an artist.”

Santos says he is looking forward to his fans listening to his new work. The first single is "Poquito a Poquito."

"Everything is better when you do it poquito a poquito and I've lived that," said Santos, who wrote 12 of the 14 songs on the album.

Adding that the song “is perfect,” Santos – a "born flirt" – said it "is really romantic,” and about a “guy in love, trying to get the girl.”

“This is who I am,” he added. “I can’t really fake it. I like being friendly and it just flows naturally, especially on stage. What can I do, you know? I like flirting, and it’s paid me well.”

Beyond the glamour, screaming girls and fame, Santos recalled the hardships Aventura experienced when trying to go mainstream. He warned aspiring artists about the potential pitfalls.

“This is a tough a business. Get ready. If you really want to be in this business, study,” Santos advised. “There are books about music business, and the experience, you know, you have to go through it.

“You need to believe in what you are doing," he added. “Everybody is going to put you down. That is what happened to us. Too many doors were shut in our faces. That just made us stronger.”

For now, Santos is focused on his solo career. He assures Aventura fans: “There will be an album in 2013.”

“It’s been worked out already,” he said. “I’ve already handed in my work for that. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen.”

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