Emily Ratajkowsi's Poolside Pic, Steve Harvey's Unwelcome Apology, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the buzz is about:

• Early on Wednesday morning, "We Are Your Friends" actress (and "Blurred Lines" video vixen) Emily Ratajkowski shared a saucy bikini pic on Instagram (above). In it, Ratajkowski is seen relaxing by a pool, staring into the camera, and somehow defying the forces of gravity by not toppling forward into said camera.

• Speaking of women who were born to wear bikinis, we recently asked Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis about her reaction to landing the 2015 cover, which was probably the same reaction you had upon seeing the 2015 cover. Watch our interview below for more — and yes, before you ask, we've included a picture of the issue:

• As first reported by E! Online, HBO's critically acclaimed series "Girls" will end its run after a sixth season (the show is currently between its fourth and fifth). That said, viewers should expect Lea Dunham to exhibit some truly creative last-ditch efforts at gratuitous nudity between now and the series finale in 2017.

• Earlier this week on his morning radio show, Steve Harvey finally discussed his Miss Universe blunder (i.e., announcing the wrong winner) and claimed that Miss Colombia hasn't responded to his attempts to contact her. But maybe it's possible that Harvey is merely misreading Miss Colombia's phone number, and keeps leaving apologietic voicemails for Miss Philippines instead.

• On Tuesday, "Hateful Eight" filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was honored with a cement handprint ceremony in front of Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman's Chinese Theatre). Tarantino was also allowed to leave his footprints in the same cement block as his handprints, perhaps because ceremony officials were all too aware of the director's well-documented foot fetish.

• In an interview with Boston.com, the personal chef of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady revealed that the couple won't eat gluten, dairy, white sugar, flour, non-organic produce, olive oil, or even iodized table salt. So we're sorry to have to break it to you, but the Bradys haven't been eating all those fruitcakes you've been sending them every Christmas.

• In an interview with Rolling Stone, filmmaker Michael Bay revealed that he'll be directing a fifth "Transformers" film. Meanwhile, Netflix has announced plans to resurrect "Voltron," a completely separate space-robot franchise from the '80s (below). So quick, run home and explain the difference to your poor confused mother, lest she buy you the wrong lunchbox for your birthday and you look like a dweeb.

• And finally, NBC announced that UFC fighter Ronda Rousey will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on January 23rd. As ESPN points out, this makes Rousey the first mixed martial artist to host the program, although we're guessing she's only the second host to believe themself to be a mixed martial artist after Steven Seagal.