Elsa Hosk's Unretouched Photo, Gwyneth Paltrow's Bee-Venom Treatment, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening:

• This past Monday on Instagram, Victoria's Secret supermodel Elsa Hosk shared an unretouched photo from her latest photoshoot for VS (above). In the caption, she credits the photographers (and the lighting) for making her look good, but we'd like to posit a different theory: She looks good because she's Elsa freaking Hosk.

• Speaking of Elsa, we here at Fox News Magazine once asked the Swedish stunner about her favorite fatty foods. Watch the video below to learn what she craves, as well as the workout regimen that allows her to indulge those cravings while still looking like Elsa freaking Hosk:

• In an interview with the New York Times, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she once allowed herself to be stung by bees as part of an ancient health ritual. But before we all point and laugh, let's think about this: Is getting stung by bees any weirder than eating their regurgitated honey-vomit? We think not. (Do your thing, Gwyneth.)

• HBO is teaming up with former ESPN personality Bill Simmons to launch a weekly "Game of Thrones" recap series along the lines of AMC's "Talking Dead." However, seeing as Simmons is involved, we fully expect the show to utilize a telestrator to pause, replay and highlight all the incest and murder we may have missed.

• The other day on Instagram, Paris Hilton shared a photo of herself in a strappy swimsuit with her leg perched on the bumper of an SUV (above). And, in doing so, she's further admitting to an intense love affair with automobiles, which presumably began after that one Carl's Jr. ad where she fondled a Bentley.

• "Joe Dirt 2" actor David Spade and his former "Joe Dirt 2" castmate Charlotte McKinney were spotted on a dinner date over the weekend, prompting TMZ to report that the two might be an item. Spade himself has yet to confirm any of this, but if it's true, he really should. If nothing else, it would go a long way toward justifing the existence of "Joe Dirt 2."

• Speaking of McKinney, we once asked the blonde bombshell to name her absolute biggest turn-offs. Watch the clip below to hear what she hates (or ), and then somebody go report these findings to David Spade. He should be made aware:

• Courtney Stodden accidentally set her own hair on fire during a séance she organized in order to contact Michael Jackson (you can watch the incident here). Needless to say, Stodden ended the séance shortly afterward, possibly over concerns that Jackson was dead-set on setting her aflame.

• An Australian artist who calls himself "Lush Sux" is gaining notariety for his large nude portraits of Kim Kardashian (see one below), but has since claimed that he's not sure why his paintings leave people "all frazzled." With that in mind, it's safe to assume Mr. Sux doesn't know how nudity works.

• And finally, Rob Kardashian's girlfriend Blac Chyna has sparked rumors that they're engaged after she was seen flashing a diamond ring during their date-night at a strip club. In related news, Blac Chyna apparently likes going to strip clubs with her boyfriend. We can see why we he proposed.