'Charlie's Angels' star Jaclyn Smith brought to tears while sharing childhood memories from Texas

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Jaclyn Smith may have enjoyed a heavenly career as a model, sought-after actress and fashion mogul, but the star has never forgotten her humble Texas roots.

The 72-year-old, best known for playing sultry private eye Kelly Garrett in the hit ‘70s series “Charlie’s Angels,” broke down in tears just remembering her life in the Lone Star state before finding fame in Hollywood.

“I did an interview with fellow Texans about my childhood and growing up in Texas,” she captioned in a photo on Instagram shared over the weekend. “It was such fun reminiscing about all of those wonderful memories that will be a part of my life forever.”

An emotional Smith is seen wiping tears while giving an interview inside her posh Beverly Hills mansion. She did not mention what caused her to break down or when the interview will debut.

This isn’t the first time Smith has opened up about her life in Texas. Back in 2016, she told the Houston Chronicle her initial plan was to study ballet in New York, return to Houston, open a dance school and live down the street from her parents.

However, she kept getting approached as an actress and was offered numerous studio contracts.

She ultimately signed on and was quickly booked for commercials. Her first credited role was that of journalist Belinda in 1970’s “The Adventurers.” Her career never slowed down from there.

Smith told the newspaper her parents have both passed away and visiting Houston is still bittersweet.

“Every corner is a memory,” she said. “Just saying ‘Houston’ brings tears.”

Smith added she grew up in a city that was like “living in an enchanted forest” where life was laid back and peaceful.

“There are so many great things that I miss, but Houston lives in my heart,” she said.

And while fame took Smith far away from Houston, she has no regrets about the direction her life would ultimately take. Back in April, Smith told Fox News she continues to cherish fond memories from her time on “Charlie’s Angels.”

“We had laughs, we had so many laughs,” said Smith. “Angels in chains, being chained together. Eating lunch together. It was an education and it was eye-opening because each girl was so unique with her personality and style. And these are my friends today. That bond is what I really remember.

“The friendship is what I treasure from that. The friendship. Aaron Spelling was so dear to me. He’s somebody I miss. He was a personal friend, as well as the producer of that show and the creator. We’ve lost some people. John Forsythe, what a gentleman. David Doyle. And of course Farrah [Fawcett]. It’s bittersweet to think back.”

Today, Smith is looking forward to what the future holds, both professionally and personally.

“I’m grateful and thank God every day,” she said. “I have a wonderful husband, two children that are thriving and I have a granddaughter… she’s the light in our lives.

“Being a mother has been the most important thing in the world to me. But having a granddaughter, it’s pure joy. I’m just having fun. I really have no complaints. It might sound Pollyanna, but I’m really a lucky girl. And at my age, life is busy!”