Candice Swanepoel's Cheeky Photo, Dita Von Teese's Advice for Valentine's Day, and Much, Much More

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This past Sunday on Instagram, Victoria's Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel shared a throwback photo of herself showering outdoors in nothing but a tiny bikini (below). We're not sure where or when it's from, but hpefully that won't hinder your enjoyment.

Thinking of surprising your sweetheart with some lingerie this Valentine's Day? Think again. Or, at the very least, think about watching the video above. We asked Dita Von Teese to give her thoughts on getting lingerie as a gift, and what she says just might change your approach.

The 57th annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles on Sunday, with Beck and Sam Smith taking home the night's top honors. The BAFTA Awards, too, took place on Sunday, and winners included ... Wait, who are we kidding? Nobody wants to hear about the BAFTAs.

Paris Hilton walked the red carpet at Sunday evening's Grammy Awards in a sparkly, see-through, low-cut gown. Afterwards, she spent the rest of the evening taking selfies in the bathroom mirror — or at least that's what it seemed like from her Instagram activity:

Also at the Grammy Awards, Kanye West rushed the stage after Beck won the Album of the Year Award to protest Beyonce's loss. Turns out he was just poking fun at himself (i.e., his interruption of Taylor Swift's speech at the 2009 VMAs), but still, it begs an interesting question: How is this guy free to roam the venue? Shouldn't he have a babysitter by now?

After getting married at his L.A. home last Tuesday, Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard had a second wedding ceremony on his private island in the Bahamas on Sunday. There's no word on where he plans to stage his third, fourth, and fifth nuptuals, but rest assured, they're coming. This Depp guy can't seem to marry Amber Heard enough.

In what may (or may not) have been a pre-planned photoshoot, Padma Lakshmi was photographed in a skimpy red bikini on Sunday in Miami Beach (we can only get our hands on a grainy snapshot, below). Regardless, the photos go a long way toward proving that Lakshmi does not, in fact, have a penis, like her own friend hinted last week.

"Weird Al" Yankovic recently told TMZ that he'd love to perform at the Super Bowl one day, but unfortunately, he doesn't think the NFL would ever go for it. That's too bad, really, because we'd all love to hear Weird Al's rendition of "Bowl Man," sung to the tune of Sam & Dave's 1967 hit "Soul Man."

"Fancy" rapper Iggy Azalea claims that a Papa John's delivery man gave her phone number to his younger brother, who then proceeded to call and text Azalea. She's since been in a Twitter argument with the company, which culminated in DiGiorno Pizza hilariously admonishing pizza-delivery services. No, really:

Bruce Jenner was involved in a multi-car accident on Saturday that left seven people injured and one woman dead. Jenner, however, walked away uninjured from the crash, further fueling our theory that he's the real-life equivalent of the guy from M. Night Shyamalan's "Unbreakable."

And finally, rock musician Jack White is reportedly angry with the University of Oklahoma's student newspaper for re-printing an oddly specific guacamole recipe that appears in his official tour rider. We understand why he's upset (it's a breach of his privacy, sure), but damn, we really want to try that guacamole now. If he's so angry, it's gotta be good.