Candace Cameron Bure: Good sex makes a good marriage

Candace Cameron Bure says good sex is the key to a good marriage.

"When you’re happy sexually, it kinda just balances the rest of the stuff out," she told Dr. Rachael Ross on the show "The Doctors. "You’re not so mad at each other, you’re not nitpicking at the little things.”

Keeping things interesting between the sheets is so important for her and husband Valeri Bure, she says they "schedule time together."

Candace told FOX411 earlier this year that keeping her marriage strong is one of her biggest challenges, and achievements.

"We've had our share of struggles and we’ll continue to have them," she said. "It's about being committed and valuing and respecting the person that you’re married to."

She also said being true to her faith and family comes first, and she fits her career in around those.

"I have a family to protect and children to look out for, so I have very strong boundaries and I work within those," said Bure. "It’s very easy to say I wont do anything with nudity, but there are certain parts that I would love to dive into as an actress that are very different than me, and I can do those with out breaking my personal boundaries."