'Blade Runner 2049' stars Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling fall apart during interview

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Some interviews are considered great for their informative nature, others for how wonderfully wrong they go. This was the case for Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling as they completely crumbled into laughs while promoting their new film.

The “Blade Runner 2049” stars appeared on a British daytime talk show called “This Morning,” where journalist Alison Hammond’s jovial nature reduced the duo to laughs that simply wouldn’t cease. Things started when the host tried to show off drinking glasses that were used in the original “Blade Runner” film that she brought specifically for the interview. This prompted Gosling to ask if she was a fan of the original.

“Never seen it,” she said, followed by a boisterous laugh that infected both stars. Later, Ford joked about his response to being asked to come back for another “Blade Runner” movie was a combination of disinterest and greed.

When asked what his response to getting the call was, he quipped, “So what?”

Later, he also joked that he said “Show me the money.”

Things go completely off the rails when Hammond realizes that she hadn’t asked Gosling a single question yet, prompting him to ask the camera operators if they needed help.

The silly interview can be viewed below.