Alyssa Milano accuses Russia of meddling in Ohio special congressional election

Actress and outspoken activist Alyssa Milano sounded off on Twitter about the Ohio special congressional election and even went as far as to speculate on “Russian meddling” in the race.

As the Republican candidate, Troy Balderson, appeared to take a slim victory over the Democratic challenger, Danny O’Connor, in the state’s 12th district, Milano jumped on Twitter to accuse the Russians and lament the possible outpouring of support for a third-party candidate.

“You know what sucks? Because of our unwillingness to pass policy that protects our election integrity, I immediately think the Green Party votes tonight are Russian Meddling,” she said. “Why else would anyone cast a protest vote in Ohio when there’s so much at stake?”

As of this writing, the Trump-backed Republican candidate has the lead. However, as TheWrap notes, even if the votes to the Green Party went to the Democratic Party candidate, it wouldn’t make up the difference.

Later in the day, Milano shared a video posted by fellow Hollywood star Debra Messing from CNN in which a commentator scolded Green Party voters for not voting for “the lesser of two evils.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin chimed in as well on Twitter with similar sentiments.

“Green Party voters.. No one is saying you can’t vote for your candidates...but don’t tell me you care about the environment if you know your vote will make the difference between Dem winning over a Rep and you still choose to vote for your candidate who has NO chance of winning.”