Adrian Grenier confounds us with his eco-logic!

Former “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier was at a pre-Oscar gala last week that raised more than $330,000 for Global Green, an organization that seeks to implement eco initiatives in schools and homes, and bring awareness to issues like climate change.

Grenier is well known for touting Green initiatives, so we asked him some questions about his environmental concerns.

His answers largely left us scratching our head, as you will see.

First, we asked Grenier when he first became aware of his environmentalist leanings.

“When my mom told me to clean my room and I said, now that I'm an adult my room has grown to be bigger and I can only take responsibility for my room, my home, my community and my larger environment,” he said.


Grenier also said as all environmental issues are important to him, he finds it hard to choose one that requires the most attention.

“At the end of the day they're all intertwined, you can't really isolate one from the other, as we are all connected, they are all connected,” he explained. “Not only environmentally, but socially and economically, so we all have to recognize that this global economy is deeply entrenched in our environment, and there's a lot of value economically in natural resources and environmental good.”

Okay then.

Grenier also wants whomever ends up being our next president -- and everyone else -- to support Green causes, too.

“Obviously I would like to see whoever's in charge, and not only the president but also the Senate and the House, be more aggressive with a environmental issues and creating new jobs for the future. Green jobs,” he insisted.


The TV star also said buying Green products doesn't do any good if you end up ... throwing them away?

“Any incentive to inspire people to do the right thing is a good thing. But what we do at is to inspire people by aesthetics, inspirational qualities of design of products, because and if it's not desirable, why would you want it? You got to want to buy it,” he said. “Any old green thing is not necessarily just the best thing, if you don't actually go out and purchase it and if you end up throwing it away than it's definitely not good.”


(Plus, we're going to guess he meant, which is an environmental action beta site. is a parked domain, if anyone wants to buy it.)

But what about celebrities who preach environmental concerns, and then turn around and fly across the country in a private jet?

“Well, thanks to the Internet, media has expanded everywhere it's not just Hollywood. Anybody has the opportunity to create media, sorry Hollywood, that's the reality,” Grenier said. “I think we all have an opportunity to communicate messages about a positive sustainable future.”

That didn't really ... answer our question.

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.