6 things you don't know about Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure is a busy career woman. She is currently shooting her fifth Hallmark Channel movie and her fourth book is set to be released next year.

Will all those credits to her name, plus her well-known role on “Full House” and “Fuller House” and her “View” hosting gig, you may think you know the 40-year-old star pretty well. But we know her better! Here are some surprising facts about Candace Cameron Bure:

1. Famous friends

When Candace was six-years-old, her best friend growing up was Emily Schulman who played Harriet on “Small Wonder.” The friends even acted in a few commercials together for KFC and the Alf Doll.

2. Close co-stars

Although Bure never actually dated her “Full House” on-screen boyfriend, Scott Weinger, the co-stars were very close. Weinger, who played Steve, was her prom date on camera and in real life.

3. Brainiac

The actress is an American history buff. She told FOX411 she can name all the United States presidents in order by memory. She memorized them when she was in high school.

4. Active actress

Bure does all of her own stunts. She told FOX411 she loves obstacle course races, like The Spartan or Tough Mudder. She is proud of her own moves in the wrestling episode of “Fuller House.” “No stunt woman,” she boasted.

5. On-screen romances

Candace’s husband, Valeri Bure, will not watch his wife flirt or kiss another man in any of her acting roles.

6. Wine lover

The talk show co-host’s family has a wine label in Napa Valley, called Bure Family Wines. “I love both reds and whites. I don’t prefer one over the other,” she said in an interview. “It just depends on what I am in the mood for.”