50 year old Argentinian actress posts topless picture after getting body shamed

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Online body shaming is a poor practice that is becoming all too common for women – and some men – in the spotlight.

Argentinian Inés Estévez, 50, got a first-hand taste of online bullying after she attended an event in Buenos Aires recently.

The newspaper La Nación published a photo of her sporting a very revealing black dress, and posted it on Facebook with the text, “Estévez and her cleavage drew the attention from all guests. What do you think? Would you use those boobs?”

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Some people took the post as an invitation to flood the site with taunts against the actress.

"The boobs look horrible. They're old,” one user wrote, while another said, “20 years ago, I would have killed for that. But now I wouldn't even look at them."

However, it seems that the comment, “She’s so flaky! Not even sexy” was the one that drew the most ire of the actress. She took to her official Facebook page to voice her outrage and to post an uncensored topless photo.

"Dear readers, given your recent anxiousness towards my mammary glands, and by respecting your opinions the same way I hope you respect my choices, I will give you an image taken recently,” she started in Spanish. “I'm confident the bullying that was done against me will lower or increase proportionally with your intelligence, humor and common sense."

Estévez continued: “I don’t think that the human body offends, because it is the most perfect piece of engineering ever created, regardless of race, age or disabilities. I don't think we should support a culture of perfection, because it’s one where results come from plastic surgery, adjustments, mutilations, anorexia and bulimia, among others.”

She then challenged everyone who wrote a negative comment about her breasts to go to her Facebook page, where she shared an unfiltered but artistic photo of her breasts, and share their own.

“For your hunger for destructive critique, you will see [on my page] a recent photo of my breasts without silicon or Photoshopping. And yes, I'm proud of them," she finished.

Estévez’s photo and Facebook post went viral; however it was deleted by the social media site because it violated its nudity standards.

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