It might seem hard to believe that an episode of "24" in which Jack Bauer is locked in a guarded room for nearly the entire hour may be the best of the season so far, but last night's episode upped the stakes. Bauer didn't see a ton of action, but fans who have waited weeks for Jack and Audrey to reunite definitely weren't disappointed.

Audrey claims she's come to see Jack to update him on the terror threat, but really she just wanted to apologize for not defending him after he went on the run. The two stare at each other with regret and sorrow, their faces close, a kiss seeming imminent. He tells her to leave before their relationship can be rekindled, but it's telling that she didn't answer when he asked if her new husband makes her happy. The Boudreaus' marriage has never seemed less stable, especially when President Heller learns that Mark kept him in the dark regarding the drone that killed Margot Al-Harazi's husband. Margot releases a video telling the world that if Heller doesn't hand himself over to her within three hours, she will use the six American drones she's taken control of to blow up London.

Jack believes he knows a weapons dealer who may be able to locate Margot, but when he informs Heller that he's the only one who can track him down to get the info, the president isn't sold. Jack is still wanted by the Russians and if Heller were to let him go, it would send the wrong message. Jack swears he'll turn himself in after the mission is complete, but Heller can't sign off on it. The deal soon proves unnecessary when the CIA are able to track the location of the Al-Harazi family from an IP address attached to Margot's video.

Kate Morgan, who has been taken off duty due to her rescue of Jack at the embassy, teams up with Chloe and begins to wonder if the whole thing is coming together a little too easily. Navarro and Kate's partner Erik take off with a team of CIA agents, leaving Kate behind. Before Navarro goes, he mentions Kate's ex-husband, whom she failed to realize was a traitor. He's been mentioned a few too many times; will he show up later in the season? And is it possible that he has ties to Margot?

The CIA tracing the IP address was no accident. Naveed tells Simone that he made the video traceable after watching Margot cut off her daughter's fingers. Naveed also tells Simone that he planted more evidence inside Margot's bedroom. Will Simone betray her mother?

That question is answered when Margot explains to Naveed that "they're not coming". He tries to play dumb but she tells him she and her son Ian had been privy to his plan and planted a fake address. The CIA is headed to a different home, one that has a drone pointed right at it. Naveed pleads for his life, reminding her that he's the only one who is capable of controlling the drones. Margot counters that Ian is a fast learner and has her guards beat Naveed bloody.

Chloe realizes the address is a fake and Kate makes a call to Navarro, telling him its a trap. He begins to evacuate the house just as the drone fires a missile. The home explodes, sending soldiers in all directions. Did Erik and Navarro survive?

One character who definitely won't live to see the next hour is Naveed. After his beating, Margot shows just how cruel she really is by telling him that it was his beloved wife Simone who sold him out. Simone watches silently as her mother puts a bullet through his brain.

Will the explosion finally be enough to convince Heller to let Jack be free and do what he does best?