Call it the old VW switcheroo.

An insurance company in England uncovered a not-clever-enough scam attempted by a man who filed a claim on a classic Volkswagen camper van.

SWNS reports that Levi Loveridge reported that his vintage VW had been stolen and was worth £22,500, submitting photos of the well-kept blue and white vehicle in a picturesque setting to support the assessment.


The only problem was that it didn’t belong to him.

While Loveridge did own a similar vehicle, the one in the images was a rental that he’d swapped his plates onto. And with good reason. His van was just a white shell without doors or windows for which he’d paid just £800.


Investigators from Liverpool Victoria Insurance confirmed with the beater’s previous owner that Loveridge had to pick it up with a flatbed truck because it didn’t run. They were then able to find a match for the nice camper at a rental agency that had even equipped it with a tracking device which recorded the location where the photos were taken.

City of London Police Detective Constable Daryl Fryatt said that "Loveridge’s false theft claim was planned from the start, but [Liverpool Victoria Insurance] helped to expose his trail of deceit, making the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department’s part of the investigation much more straightforward, leading to his eventual punishment.”

That punishment was a suspended 10-month prison sentence, 250 hours of community service and £700 in court costs.