Virtual backseat drivers possible with new 'teleportation' tech

A new virtual reality system could allow parents to check in on their teenager's driving without being in the car.

French automotive supplier Valeo last week unveiled its virtual reality technology - Voyage XR - which can "teleport" you into a car from anywhere in the world.

Using a series of cameras, sensors and 3D imaging, virtual 'passengers' can sit in the comfort of their own home and view what's happening in the car.

Drivers are able to call family members or friends using the technology and invite them into the car.


After accepting and putting on a virtual reality headset, the user then gets a first-hand view from the back seat.

The system would mean parents can make sure their children are driving safely when they first get their licence, and even backseat drive from outside the vehicle.

During the simulation, drivers even see an avatar of their "teleported" passenger in the rear-view mirror and talk to them using in-built microphones in their motor.


Using hand-held sensors, friends and family can wave and even send photos to the driver, which are then displayed on the car's electronic screen.

Released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, the technology would be ideal for connecting families who live on other sides of the world or checking in on new drivers.

The system is also expected to be used for training truck drivers.

A statement from Valeo said: "Voyage XR can create the illusion that the person you choose is right by your side, even if they are not in the vehicle and even if they are actually on the other side of the world.

"This innovation has led Valeo to imagine a unique experience: teletransporting your loved ones on board.

"The individual’s avatar appears in the rear-view mirror and you can both interact using sound and image in real time.

"The Voyage XR opens the door to a whole new world of experiences inside the vehicle."