Sky Commuter. Fisker Automotive. Lyons Motor Cars. Automotive startups come and go every single year (especially those of the electric variety), but each time a new one pops up, a faint sting of hope pierces our jaded media hides. Competition in the EV space is a good thing, but while we try to stay optimistic about a young brand's chances, we know all too well that many simply fade into the ether.

On a completely unrelated note, the website of start-up EV manufacturer Edison Destiny went live today. Much like Apple, E.D. is keeping things close to the vest, and has publicized no information about its product other than the shrouded teaser image shown above. There isn't much to see at this point, but the crossover-ish vehicle looks like a revised version of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, complete with fog lights, side mirrors, and a roof.

The homepage's tagline oddly reads, "Building yesterday's future tomorrow," but after a closer look, we found the following excerpt.

"Electricity, connectivity, mobility. The dreams of yesterday become today's future. Harnessing innovation isn't just inevitable, it's our destiny." Hmm.

The name, of course, is inspired by famous American inventor Thomas Edison, seemingly following the theme of companies like Tesla and Farady Future, whose names harken back to the pioneers of electricity. Edison created the first electric light bulb, motion picture camera, and phonograph among other things, which leads us to believe E.D. has some innovative tricks up its sleeve. Could it be increased range? A new battery design? Retractable wings or cotton candy emissions? Is it a coincidence that we're just hearing about the company on the eve of the New York Auto Show?

Whatever E.D.'s chosen niche is, it's clear that boring days in the EV industry are hard to come by these days. So what is the Edison Destiny, exactly? We'll be sure to let you know -- just as soon as we find out for ourselves.

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