A trio of new Dodge Challenger SRT Demons were destroyed in a hellacious blaze while they were being shipped to their owners, but all three will be resurrected.

The 840 hp muscle cars were on a Reliable Carriers transport trailer that caught fire in Michigan, seriously damaging the Demons with it. The cause of the inferno is under investigation, according to a report on Allpar.com, but it started on the trailer, not one of the cars.

A video posted to YouTube shows the severity of the conflagration.

The good news is, all of the customers were personally called by Chrysler’s head of passenger car brands, Tim Kuniskis, who assured them their cars would be replaced with brand new ones.

That’s a significant move. The $86,060 Demon is being limited to a production run of just 3,300 for North America, so it is adding to that number rather than burning three people with build slots for these very hot machines.