Tractor trailer makes wrong turn and gets stuck on New Jersey beach boardwalk

Things can get wild on the New Jersey shore, but it’s never seen anything like this.

A semi-truck driver, who apparently made a wrong turn, drove his 18-wheeler nearly three miles down the famous beachside boardwalk that runs from Atlantic City to Ventnor City.

(Venntor City Police Department)

Reaching the end early Wednesday morning, the driver found the truck trapped between two railings and was unable to make the sharp turn needed to exit down the ramp leading off it.

Police tell the Philly Voice he had no explanation for how it happened and that he was issued with several local ordinance violations, but he wasn’t driving under the influence or given any motor vehicle tickets since he wasn’t on a road.

(Ventnor City Police Department)

Benches and railings had to be removed, and the trailer detached, to get the tractor back onto the street, and a tow truck was brought in to pull the trailer off the boardwalk separately.

The boardwalk is being inspected by engineers for structural damage, and the unidentified driver’s trucking company will responsible for any expenses surrounding the incident, police said.