The 2019 GMC Sierra's tailgate rocks

GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate knows how to party.

The clever feature on the 2019 Sierra 1500 features a baby tailgate inside the main one, and the two can be opened in six different combinations to create load stops and a step and offer easier access to the bed.

GMC is so proud of it that it built an entire TV advertising campaign around it.

As far as pickup innovations are concerned, it kind of rocks.

That’s especially true if you order it with the dealer-installed audio system from Kicker that’s available. The 100-watt setup connects to a music source via Bluetooth, USB or an auxiliary jack.

The twin speakers, controls and inputs are recessed, so you can still lay cargo on top of it, and they’re all shock resistant and waterproof. It also automatically shuts off when you close the tailgate if in case you're too busy to be bothered pressing a button.

It’s independent of the in-truck stereo, though, so you have to connect a mobile device or USB stick to inject it with some tunes. But it runs on low-draw electronics so you probably won’t kill the battery using it until kickoff.

And you’ll want to get as much use out of it as possible, because at $699 plus installation it’s not cheap, but it sure makes for a good tailgate party trick.