Steph Curry designed a zero-emissions car and it's an air ball

Steph Curry had better not quit his day job.


The NBA star has revealed an electric car that he designed himself, and it turned out exactly as you might expect that might.

It’s a three-wheel vehicle with sliding doors, "suction turbines" on the sides, a blunt nose and, of course, a tongue in cheek.


Curry is an Infiniti spokesman, and the company built it from a used “meter maid” car for a gag video. In it, Curry invites his friend COSeezy over to reveal it and get his reaction for a commercial. When the sheet comes off, COSeezy acts like he likes it, and calls it “dope,” but Curry asks him to try it again with more enthusiasm.

The Golden State Warrior tells him that the “aerodynamic” shape is good for a top speed of 220 mph and that the turbines “recycle” air to generate electricity. Then he hands COSeezy the keys and tells him it’s his, and that Infiniti wants to hire him as a brand ambassador to promote it.


“Oh yea. Stop playing man, this right here?” COSeezy replies. “I’ll tear the streets up in this one, boy.”

Curry then says “cut,” and tells his pal “we got you, bro,” much to COSeezy’s surprise.


After some laughs, Curry’s daughter shows up and says “let’s go see the real one,” and the electric Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept rolls out of the garage, which wasn’t designed by Curry, but will be much more fitting of a Bay Area basketball star if it ever goes on sale.