Snake hid in car for three days while owner drove it

Now this is distracted driving.


A man in Birmingham, U.K., spent three days riding around in his car with the knowledge that there was a snake lurking somewhere inside of it.

Paul Schmid noticed the striped orange corn snake behind his grille and first suspected it was a joke.


“I saw this flash of orange and I thought it was a tangerine,” Schmid told SWNS.

"A guy at work often plays pranks on my car.”

The snake slithered deeper into the vehicle before he could grab it, and when he opened the hood he saw it was hiding where he couldn’t get to it.


The police and animal welfare agency couldn’t help, so Schmid first tried to wait it out, hoping the snake would leave on its own. However, the waiter needed his car to get to work and drove it the next day before he was sure it was gone.

When he checked again, the animal was still inside and he called a "snake expert" who waited for the engine to cool and tried to lure it out with a hot water bottle, but with no luck.

On the third day, Schmid and his friends went all in, removing wheels and a fender in a bid to reach it.


It finally made its way to the top of the engine bay near the windshield and a second expert that had come to assist was able to remove it unharmed and bring it home to care for it with his other snakes.

A "snake expert" finally managed to get the creature out of the car.

A "snake expert" finally managed to get the creature out of the car. (SWNS)

"It was amazing. Everyone helped us find it -- neighbors, friends, people who knew about snakes. It was a real team effort," Schmid said.