They have a new baby on the way, but they may need a new car to bring him home from the hospital.

An Australian man's car was confiscated this week after police obtained video of him using it to do a burnout that created blue smoke to reveal the gender of the baby his wife is expecting.

The video, which was discovered by investigators on social media, shows the modified Ford Falcon sedan doing donuts in the middle of a cul-de-sac as several people stood close by, News 7 reported.

Special tires and kits are sold specifically for this purpose.


Police said the couple notified their neighbors of their plan prior to the event and invited them to watch, but that it was “shocked onlookers” who posted the video of the stunt.

According to, the driver is facing two counts of aggravated burnout, while three other people were charged in connection to the incident. Australia is known for having some of the strictest "anti-hooning" laws in the world.

Court hearings are scheduled for May.