This is not how you want to drop off packages.

A couple out for a hike along the Cornwall, U.K., coast in Tintagel came across an unusual sight when the spotted a delivery van that appeared to be teetering over a 200-foot cliff.

"We walk the coast path most days and see some really unusual things, but this was perhaps the most unusual,” one of the hikers told SWNS.


The red van was nose down with a rear wheel dangling high in the air. From their perspective, it appeared to be facing certain doom, but the driver had gotten out OK after what turned out to be a bad parking job.

"He was delivering to the youth hostel on the coast and we were coming back and the driver was lying on the grass. We thought he was in shock but he was lying back calling for a tow,” the hiker said.

What the view looks like unspoiled by a red van. (Google Earth)

The delivery company has opened an investigation into the incident, but said that “the van was some distance from the cliff edge and there is a grass verge in front of the vehicle where the driver was able to exit the vehicle in safety with no injuries.”

The red circle shows the exact spot where the van was parked. (Google Earth)

Nevertheless, aerial photos show how it was only a yard or so away from sliding down a rock fall and into the sea below.