Peterbilt teams up with Local Motors for contest to design the big rig of the future

What does the big rig of the future look like?

You tell us.

Peterbilt, in conjunction with Local Motors, is currently holding a contest for aspiring designers to submit ideas for the company’s next generation truck.

The platform for submissions is the Local Motors Forge, an open-source online community tapped by companies to explore new product and manufacturing ideas.

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The Peterbilt competition is aimed at building a more fuel efficient sleeper cab tractor that’s forward-thinking while retaining the company’s iconic look. The prize for the winning entry is $10,000, and the proposal will be taken into consideration during the development of the new truck.

The Forge was spawned from Local Motors’ original crowd-sourced effort to design an off-road vehicle known as the Rally Fighter. The $74,900 high-speed desert racer incorporates design elements that were submitted and voted on by online participants.

Contestants in the Peterbilt competition can rent computer aided design software through The Forge, or use whatever platform they like for their creation. The contest ends June 26th.

It may be a while before you see the new rig in your rearview mirror, but if the submissions so far are anything indication, it’ll look pretty cool when you do.

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