Conjure up an image of Pamela Anderson, and chances are good she’s wearing spandex, not Nomex. While Anderson already had an impressive resume as an actress and model, she can now add “racing team founder, principal and owner” to her curriculum vitae.

Anderson has either started or taken over a team, depending upon how you read the press release from Downforce1 Racing. Per the team’s website, “Downforce1 was founded by Pamela Anderson in winter 2011, but the team has “10 years racing experience,” a fact punctuated by “10 Years Racing” logos throughout the site.

David Prewitt is listed as the team manager, with Giulio Pucci named as the sporting director and Gabor Csabi as the chief engineer. Markus Fux, a man of many hats, is the team coordinator, chief marketing officer and the sole driver listed on the website.

Downforce1 will campaign an Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT2 in the European Le Mans series, as well as in International GT Open competition. The car will sport a white and blue livery, which Anderson refers to as “her signature color.”

Sponsors include People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), of which Anderson has been an active supported throughout her career, as well as ICM, the talent agency that manages Anderson’s career.

The press release also advises that Anderson is “extremely excited” to build up a NASCAR team for 2013, but we’d caution her to taper back her enthusiasm just a bit. After the bills come in from the first few races, we’re not sure she’ll be quite as enthusiastic about her latest endeavor.

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