Nissan to build insane $590,000 Juke-R cute ute

The Nissan Juke has a starting price of $20,770, but add a few options like floor mats and accent lighting and now you can run that up to $590,000.

OK, it’s a little bit harder than that.

Last year, Nissan introduced the Juke-R, a one-off custom that combined the bullfrog body of the little cute 'ute with the high performance running gear from its GT-R supercar. Designed by Nissan’s European technical center, and built by British racing team RML, the engineering exercise turned the economical and fun to drive Juke into an all-wheel-drive piece of insanity powered by a 485 hp twin-turbocharged V6 so technologically advanced that it is hand-built in a clean room the way a satellite is.

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Created as a promotional stunt, the Juke-R made its public debut as the pace car for the Dubai 24 Hour race, where it apparently more than earned its keep. The folly proved to be such a hit that Nissan is now building a limited number of customer cars, expected to be on the order of 20-25 units, with a price tag of $590,000. That’s the equivalent of 28 of the already fun-to-drive 181 hp Jukes, or six $97,820 GT-Rs, and a high enough sticker to make it one of the most expensive cars in the world.

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The customer Juke-Rs will get the latest 545 hp version of the GT-R’s drivetrain, and will be available for order in the United States.

Money, it seems, sometimes talks in a strange language.

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