Milwaukee Brewer Mike Moustakas hits homer into car, but it's a good thing

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One of the only things that can ruin hitting a home run is watching your ball fly over the fence and hit a car, but that made things even better for Milwaukee Brewer Mike Moustakas on Sunday.

Moustakas slammed one into center field in the eighth inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates that broke a 2-2 tie and landed on the roof of a Toyota Rav4.

It wasn’t parked there by a clueless owner but was part of a promotion to give it away if a Brewer hit it with a ball, which Moustakas learned after the fact.

"I didn't know that I actually won somebody a car until afterwards," Moustakas said. "You came to a ballgame and leave with a car is pretty cool."



Season ticket holder Mark Gruber was the lucky winner. He won’t be driving a car with a dent in the roof, though, because they’ll give him a brand new one at the stadium on June 20.

"That was a first time for me," Moustakas said. "Definitely something I am going to remember for a long time."

The Brewers went on to win the game 5-2.

The Associated Press contributed to this report