Meet Boeing’s Phantom Badger light tactical vehicle

The Phantom Badger isn't a children's cartoon superhero, or something that creeps up to your house at night and messes up your garbage. No, it's the latest ground tactical vehicle from Boeing, and it looks downright awesome, in a butch golf cart sort of way.

The V22 Internally Transportable Vehicle, as the official nomenclature goes, has been developed with the help of MSI Defense Solutions, reportedly employing NASCAR racing technologies with the vehicle. It's Boeing's proposal for a vehicle able to be internally transported inside a V-22 Osprey tilt rotor, but is more capable and more sturdily built than an ATV.

Finished in the correct tan hue, it looks like a narrowed-down, kiddies' version of the original HMMWV. It's been tested at Fort Bragg and the Nevada Automotive Testing Center, to make sure it stands up to the job it's applying for. It has four-wheel steering, enhanced shock absorbers, and is claimed to be "relatively comfortable" for what it is, something that an ATV would have a hard time to match. The Phantom Badger also features mission-specific modules behind the front seats, so it can be quickly modified depending of the task at hand.

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