The electric racing series Formula E has been making a lot of noise in recent years, but only figuratively.

(Getty Images)

A frequent criticism from fans, and many who might otherwise be, is that the electric motors are too quiet. They only make about 80 decibels (db) of noise, which is barely louder than a typical car cruising down the street, compared to over 120 db for a contemporary Indy or Formula One car.

Considering the decibel scale is logarithmic, not linear, that difference is pretty huge. But racing legend Mario Andretti has suggested a solution, though it might not be feasible to implement.

Andretti tweeted a video clip that opens with what sounds like an approaching race car, but ends with a bit of a surprise as a scooter comes driving out of a garage with a man riding on the back making exhaust noises with a trombone.

This is actually a thing, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube of people trying it with all sorts of vehicles.

Unfortunately, Formula E cars are single-seaters, and it’s not a good idea to try to toot your own horn while you drive, so don’t expect to see the series adopt the suggestion.

Mario won’t have any complaints during the month of May, however, as he’ll be spending it at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway celebrating the 50th anniversary of is first and only win in the Great American Race.