Jeep Mighty FC is a forward-thinking retro concept

Mightiest might have been a more appropriate name.

The Jeep Mighty FC is a concept truck that hearkens back to the cab-over-engine Forward Control models built by the company’s forebears Willys and Kaiser Jeep in the 1950’s and ‘60s. The automaker created it as a showcase of its aftermarket parts and is bringing to the annual Easter Jeep Safari gathering of off-roading enthusiasts in Moab, Utah, which starts on March 31st.

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Based on a 2012 Wrangler Rubicon, the hood has been replaced by a snub nose front clip and the two-seat cab section moved up and over the front wheels and engine, while a full-length pickup bed with drop sides has been created in the rear.

Unlike the original Forward Control Jeeps, which were typically used as commercial vehicles and rode close to the ground, the Mighty FC has been given a huge lift courtesy of a set of Mopar Portal Axles, which feature 1.5 to 1 reduction hubs and an axle that’s offset 5 inches above the centerline of the wheels. The catalog price for the pair is $23,500.

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    A beefed-up suspension, 40-inch tires on 17-inch beadlock wheels from Hutchinson and a front-mounted winch further enhance the extreme off-road capability of the Mighty FC.

    While there are no plans for production of the Mighty FC, it’s very possible that Mopar will eventually offer all of the parts needed to build one if it proves popular enough, as is did with the JK-8 pickup truck conversion kit, which started out as a concept shown at the Safari.

    The Mighty FC is one of six concepts Jeep with be bringing to the event this year, including an extended version of the pickup conversion called JK-12 that features a retro Jeep Gladiator-style front end.

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