Hyundai going to Hades? Automaker trademarks Styx name

Charon, your car is almost here.

Hyundai Motor Company has filed a trademark application for the name Styx, which could be applied to a future vehicle.

Autoguide first discovered the filing with the European Intellectual Property Office, and there isn’t yet a companion one listed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office (yet,) so it’s not clear if Hyundai intends to use the name on a production vehicle, concept show car or maybe even something without wheels.

Along with being the name of the progressive rock band that visits your local outdoor music venue every summer, Styx is the mythological (well, depending on your point of view,) river that separates the world of the living from Hades, where the ferryman Charon brings the souls of the dead who can afford the fare.

Since a car isn’t exactly the right vehicle for that task, perhaps the name is also an indication that automaker’s engineering and construction subsidiary has built a bridge to the underworld.