Ford's new hybrid police car is designed to protect and

Ford has a new way for police departments to save money while fighting crime.

Its new Fusion-based Police Responder delivers an estimated 38 mpg combined, making it more than twice as efficient as its Taurus-based Interceptor Sedan and Explorer-based Interceptor SUV.

According to Ford, each one of the midsize sedans would save $3,877 annually on fuel at $2.50 per gallon, and much more if gas prices go up.

Primarily aimed at urban departments, where patrol cars are driven at low speeds and spend a lot of time idling, the Police Responder is also the first pursuit-rated hybrid cop car ever offered.


With only about 188 hp, it won’t be the fastest, but after five seconds of hard driving it shifts into pursuit mode to ratchet up its responsiveness and can jump 8-inch curbs and railroad crossings, wade through an SUV-like 18 inches of water and handle Hollywood-style J-turns without falling apart. Besides, the bad guys' car will most likely run out of fuel before it does.

Along with all of the performance upgrades, it has an upgraded electrical system, center console mounting place and pre-drilled holes to accommodate police equipment, plus easy-clean vinyl rear seats. It can also operate in pure electric mode up to 60 mph over short distances, giving it a small amount of stealth capability.

The Police Responder is launching with the Los Angeles Police Department, and will be hitting the beat in summer 2018.