Ford’s new friend apparently dropped a major spoiler about the upcoming electric “Mustang-inspired” SUV.

The only official image of the SUV is this teaser rendering released by Ford. (Ford)

In a companion press release to Ford’s announcement on Thursday that it had teamed up with Electrify America to offer free access to its charging network to owners of the vehicle, Electrify America included one detail that Ford hasn’t, The Drive reports. In Electrify America’s announcement, it notes that the vehicle “has a targeted EPA-estimated range of 300 miles with an extended battery and rear-wheel drive.”

This disguised prototype near Ford's development center is suspected to be the electric SUV. (Brian Williams)

So far, Ford has only said that it is targeting a 300-mile range for the sporty model, not which wheels are driven, or if it will be offered with multiple battery sizes. The automaker has not commented on the slip, but Electrify America has since deleted the reference from its website. High-performance cars like the actual Ford Mustang typically feature rear-biased drivetrains to give them sportier dynamics.

“Extended battery pack” suggests that a standard version with less range and a lower price will be in the mix, similar to Tesla’s lineup of electric vehicles. As an SUV, it’s also likely that it will come in an all-wheel-drive version. Ford hasn’t said as much, but the video it released of a prototype electric vehicle shows it being tested on a snow-covered track.

Full details could come as early as November, when the electric SUV is expected to officially debut.