Florida motorcyclist seen leaning back, using feet to steer vehicle on interstate

A Florida woman was driving northbound on I-95 in Jacksonville over the weekend when she spotted a relaxed motorcyle driver leaning back in his vehicle as he steered with his feet.

Rashand Anderson Glespen couldn't believe her eyes. The Jacksonville resident and her son, Joseph, briefly drove next to the driver, slowing down to 50 mph to get a closer look.

"We were baffled when we passed him," Glespen told Fox News, adding that she gave her son her cell phone Saturday afternoon so he could take a quick video of the bizarre sight. "It was crazy."

Glespen admitted it was "neat to see," but realized it posed a danger — to both the motorcyclist and other drivers on the road.


"I didn’t hang around after taking the video because I knew it wouldn’t take much for that to become a mess and I didn’t want to risk being involved in an accident," she said.

Afterward, when she got home, Glespen posted the 7-second clip and photo of the risky driver on Facebook. The video has been viewed more than 15,000 times as of Wednesday afternoon and garnered dozens of responses from locals.

"Umm that’s not smart," one Facebook user commented.

"Cool that he can do that, but completely reckless and irresponsible," another agreed.


"That’s what I call chillin," one user joked.

"Watch out for those bumps buddy... wow," a woman advised.

A public information officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office told First Coast News on Monday they were not previously aware of the incident.

"Yes, it violates state statute. It has to be viewed in person by an officer to be enforced," a spokesman said in a statement to the newspaper.