Firefighters rescue man with hand stuck in his car's trunk lid

How many firefighters does it take to change a lightbulb?


A fire brigade in Kewstoke, U.K., recently had to come to the rescue of a man who got his hand stuck while working on the taillight on his car.

Photos show the man, whose identity was not released, with his arm reaching through an opening in the trunk lid that houses a portion of the rear light cluster.


"Our rescue pump crew have provided humanitarian assistance to a gentleman with his hand stuck inside a car cluster light, whilst performing maintenance."


Details of the rescue were not shared, but the rescue workers needed to saw through the top of the vehicle’s trunk lid and said they managed to release him with “only a minor injury.”

An instructional video posted to YouTube by user bimmermerchant suggests performing the light replacement on an E46-type BMW 3-Series with the trunk lid open.

SWNS contributed to this report