Talk about a nightmare.

A drunk university student trying to get home from a night on the town woke up in an Uber 250 miles away from his destination with a $1,700 bill. The engineering major told a college news website that he got in the car in Newcastle, U.K., and accidentally typed a Norwich address into the app, SWNS reported.

James, as he asked to be called to remain anonymous, said he slept through most of the five-hour trip and couldn’t believe what happened upon his arrival.

“When I woke up, I literally thought it was a dream. Surely I hadn’t done this,” he said.

The bill ended up being 1,307.64 pounds, but when the driver figured out what happened he decided not to charge him for the trip. James gave him a five-star rating for the generous gesture and then got on a train home.

Unfortunately, he got fined for not having a train ticket and missed his classes at Newcastle University the next day.