DIY mechanic's car door repair fail is a hilarious 'short' story

Remember: Measure twice, install once.


A DIY mechanic has shared a hilarious fail that happened when he tried to fix his first car.

Robert Woods of Manchester, U.K., had just received his driver’s license a couple of years ago when he purchased a used two-door Peugeot 206 subcompact for 600 pounds, around $750. The only issue was that the passenger-side door crank window (on the left in the U.K.) was busted and wouldn’t roll down.

Instead of shelling out the 60 pounds ($75) it would’ve cost to fix it, the then-firefighter realized he could buy an entire door to replace it for half the price and install it himself. After finding one that was a match for the red car, he and a friend spent three hours on the replacement job, which went swimmingly for a first try. Until he tried to close the door.


“I shut the door after fitting it and started to walk away. But I didn’t hear it click so I turned around. I noticed this massive hole in the side of the car,” Woods told SWNS. “I was baffled but realized straight away what had happened.”


Turns out Woods had purchased the front door for a four-door version of the 206, which is the exact same shape as the two-door’s, but a few inches shorter in length, leaving a gap.


Woods said the salesman had told him it was the correct one, but didn’t bother returning it. Instead, he put the old door with the busted window back on, but the incident caused the car to become the butt of jokes among his friends and he ended up selling it soon after.

Woods has also gotten a new job ... as a driver for a courier service.